Scientific cooperation

Central National Biobank LLC. is an active participant in a number of scientific biomedical research, in terms of the creation of human biological specimens’ sets.

The purpose of such studies is to identify changes in organs and tissues against the background of various pathologies, using the methods of genomics and proteomics. The scientific data obtained during the research will be important for expanding the existing fundamental ideas about the molecular mechanisms that underlie the onset and development of such diseases. Such data may also be relevant for the identification of new diagnostic, prognostic and / or therapeutic markers of diseases during histological, histochemical, molecular genetic studies.

In the long run, scientific evidence from this study may play a significant role in the creation of new methods for diagnosing, predicting, monitoring and / or treating human diseases.

Our main scientific partners are:

• Research divisions of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies
• Production units of biotechnological companies
• Quality control units of biotechnological companies
• Companies developing and producing diagnostic and prognostic systems, including those based on the use of biomarkers of any format
• Contract research organizations (CRO) operating in the Russian Federation
• Universities and research centers
• State programs (on genetic epidemiology, bioarchives, etc.)

Our scientific colleagues include Institute of Cytology RAS, Cerbalab Laboratory (St. Petersburg) and a great number of reputable research companies.

Some of the scientific works in which our company took part were highlighted in the publications of such authoritative world scientific journals as Nature, New England Journal of Medicine and Cell.