Human Specimens BANKING

For biomedical Research

The progress of biotechnology is based on the continuous accumulation process of scientific knowledge during the detailed studying of physiological and pathological functioning mechanisms of cells, tissues and organs in different conditions. The development of new molecular biology disciplines is of great importance for this accumulation. These disciplines are based on the use of modern, high-performance devices and methods of processing, analysis of biological samples of different nature.

In this regard, the concept of Biobanking, as the practice of creating repositories of human biological material destined for subsequent medical research, has gained its development and universal recognition. The concept of Biobanking, carried out for research purposes, is realized in the format of creation worldwide of research biobanks of different rank (Institute, regional, National).

The purpose of the "Cenabi" is to collect high-quality, clinically characterized human biotypes and data from patients with various diseases. These samples will be used for research purposes to open new and improve existing methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases.

"Central National Biobank" Ltd. (St. Petersburg), 100% Russian company, which carries out its activity in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international standards, in compliance with all requirements to ethics, Security and privacy.