Researching Areas


The concept of biobanking is the creation of repositories of human biological material for subsequent medical research. The concept of biobanking, carried out for research purposes, is implemented in creation of worldwide research biobanks of various ranks (institutional, regional, national).

The activities of Central National Biobank LLC are related to biomedical research in the field of creation of human biosamples collections (patient tissues and fluids) for genetic, proteomic and other research.

The main clinical areas of work of the Central National Biobank is the creation of biosamples collections from patients suffering from diseases such as:

• Oncology
• Blood disease
• Rheumatological and autoimmune diseases
• Diseases of the cardiovascular system
• Endocrinology
• Biological specimens from patients with various injuries
• the creation of biosamples collections of normal fluids and tissues (control groups)


Central National Biobank LLC has significant laboratory potential for molecular research and tests (genomics and proteomics), NGS sequencing, immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics and spectroscopy.

Among our scientific partners are Institute of Cytology RAS, Cerbalab Laboratory and a great number of reputable research companies.


Central National Biobank LLC is developing a strategic partnership in the field of molecular biology and medical research with leading clinical and research centers, offering an integrated set of standards and specialized services to open new and improve existing methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases.

Some of the scientific works in which our company took part were highlighted in the publications of such authoritative world scientific journals as Nature, New England Journal of Medicine and Cell.


Central National Biobank LLC provides a full range of services for the collection, transportation and storage of human biological specimens (liquids and tissues).

The quality of the logistics and storage service is realized through strict adherence to business processes, as well as accepted norms and standards for the implementation of this activity.


• Expertise in the field of creation and management of a commercially successful biobank based on state-owned specialized institutions
• Consulting in the field of processing, storage and use of medical information
• Consulting in the field of processing of biosamples, laboratory analysis, molecular research
• The application of modern methods of research and diagnosis for medical and scientific purposes