Logistics and storage

Central National Biobank LLC provides a full range of services for the collection, transportation and storage of human biological samples (liquids and tissues).

The quality of the logistics and storage service is realized through strict adherence to business processes, as well as accepted norms and standards for the implementation of this activity.

  1. Clear implementation of SOP’s collection and processing of biological samples starting from the methodological and training support of our partners to helping to provide them with consumables and reagents required by protocols.
  2. A well-functioning logistics system for sampling from our partners with clear coordination of the time of transfer of the sample and strict adherence to the temperature-time regimes of transportation.
  3. Accounting, annotation and incoming visual quality control of collected biological samples and accompanying clinical documentation (CRF, Informed Consent).
  4. Reliable and safe storage of collected biological samples in compliance with temperature conditions, with the availability of backup energy supply sources, guaranteeing the complete safety of the accumulated collections.
  5. Making requests and obtaining the necessary permits for further transportation of the collected samples to scientific partners.