Legal issues

The activities of our company are carried out in strict accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and international standards, in compliance with all requirements for ethics, security and confidentiality.

Central National Biobank Company is a research biobank operating in strict accordance with Russian legislation and international standards and has been created as a key element of the biomedical research infrastructure in Russia, deeply integrated into international activities to improve human health and develop personalized medicine.

Prior to any medical manipulation, patients are encouraged to sign an Informed Consent form describing the design of the study, thereby providing the opportunity to make an informed decision about the possibility of participating in the project. The Informed Consent Form is subject to mandatory approval by members of the Local Ethics Commission or Independent Ethics Commission. The Informed Consent Form must be signed by the patient and the representative of the medical institution participating in the project.

Central National Biobank LLC. takes the necessary measures to maintain confidentiality in working with the patient’s medical information, in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Biosamples and the information associated with them, which are transmitted to Central National Biobank LLC and partner scientific organizations, do not contain personal identifiers: such as full name, address, phone number, medical insurance number, etc.

An additional measure of the protection of personal data is the encoding of the biosample and clinical information by the medical center until it is actually sent to the address of Central National Biobank LLC.