Laboratory research

Next generation sequencing technologies on the illumina MiSeq platform provide an efficient solution for obtaining large amounts of information about the nucleotide sequences of DNA and RNA. Among the available features with NGS technology are:
• whole genome sequencing
• transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq)
• massive amplicon sequencing
• 16S rRNA gene sequencing
• small RNA sequencing
• deep sequencing of individual genes or sets of genes
• exome sequencing
• sequencing of DNA fragments isolated by chromatin immunoprecipitation

Modern research methods, and first of all, high-performance sequencing, involve obtaining huge amounts of information, the processing of which uses special technologies for evaluating and statistical data processing, which are owned by experts in the field of bioinformatics and information technology.

Bio information analysis of the research results allows us to find the optimal solution to complex problems that require simultaneous accounting and comparison of a large amount of data.